Industrial Welding Technology, Automated Production Lines and Supply.


Specialists in industrial welding processes, linked with the best brands for all types of union needs of pieces in steel, aluminium and plastic.



Integrated solutions for industrial production process optimization and specialized electrical and mechanical equipment design.

Mechanical Engineering

Required infrastructure for the construction of mechanical elements and structures integrated into the production processes.

Electrical Engineering

Industrial electrical installations, with specialized and certified staff in the main industrial technologies for electronic control applications, industrial boards, and robotics and PLC programming.

Assembly and Maintenance

Personnel specialized in transportation, maneuvering, installation, tuning, start-up, preventive, corrective, reactive maintenance and service.


Imports of machinery and industrial spare parts of specialized international brands. Reckon on trained personnel to handle import and logistics projects so that the product reaches your door in a timely manner.



About Us

With more than 30 years of experience, Bauer has started a new journey to satisfy automated solutions to the US automotive market, to bring the innovation, quality and best service that have developed through years.

Provide products and services to the industry, commerce and home to improve productivity and efficiency, by way of engineering solutions and specialized high technology products.

To be a leading company in the development and supply of world-class engineering and technology.

Provide specialized engineering solutions and advice on the selling products through close contact with the customers. Fulfill consistently the legal and regulatory requirements to offer a great work environment and professional development, according to the continuous improvement to the management system.

Success Pilars

We offer custom solutions to industry leading companies


Updated on the latest technology through relationships with companies around the world, Mainly European and North American.


Personal certified and internationally trained to represent equipment for automotive applications.


With more than 33 year of experience in industrial solutions, the next step is transforming into an example of innovation in the industry and not only a manufacturing service.

What our customers say

High Tech Design and Engineering in Industrial Welding and Automation.


Sales of welding and electronic equipment and spare parts. National representations of German and American industrial machinery. Logistic and customs handling.


Specialized works for the world class renowned car manufacturers and their suppliers based in Mexico and USA to fulfill the highest global quality standards


Our team of strategists, designers, and engineers deliver valuable, tangible customer experiences

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